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The very first Datta incarnation in Kaliyuga is Shri shripad shri vallabha swamy. The details of His life known to outside world are very meagre. In 1320 A.D. Shri shripad vallabha swamy was born as the third child to Bramhashri Ghandikota Appalaraju Sharma and Akhanda Lakshmi Sowbhagyavati Sumati Maharani. Ghandikota family belong to the lineage of Sage Bharadwaja. They are of ‘Aapasthamba Sootra’ tradition. After Shri shripad, three sisters named Sri Vidyadhari, Radha and Surekha also were born. The maternal Grandfather of shri shripad vallabha swamy was Bramhashri Malladi Baapannavadhani . His ‘dharma patni’ was Akhanda Lakshmi Sowbhagyavati Rajamamba. A Brahmin by name Shankar Bhatt wrote the divine biography of Shri shripad shri vallabha swamy in Sanskrit. It’s Telugu translation was brought into light in the 33 rd generation of Shri Baapannavadhani.

Every letter written in this book is powerful and true. In this book there are no hyperboles or meaningless descriptions. This was written by Shankar Bhatt who did not have much of erudite experience .Shri shripada granted him grace because he was worthy.

It was clearly marked in Shri Shripada Shri Vallabha Sampoorna Charitamrutam that many Sidda yogis come to Pithikapuram to take part in Shri Shripada Shri Vallabha Swamy Avtarana. Shri Gopal Baba is now in pithapuram to take up the programme of Shri Shripada Shri Vallabha Swamy.

Shri Gopal Baba Maharaj is a avadhuta . Avadhuta means Saint who is beyond egoic consciousness ,he roams free like a child upon the face of the earth.such a person is held to be pure consciousness (chaitanya) in human form.The Natha sampradaya is a form of avadutha pantha (sect).In this sampradaya, guru importance and yoga are of extreme importance. Therefore the most important book in this sampradaya is "Avadhut Gita".shri Gorakshanath is considered as the topmost form of Avadhut state. A-VA-DHU and TA - He is free from desires ,ever pure, he lives in bliss He is faultless in speech,he has no body consciousness. His mind is ever absorbed in Brahman."

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